Idura (pronounced eh-dur-ah) is many things; a word, a world, a goddess. Where the word originally comes from is lost to the ravages of time. It is found among all peoples, all races.

It is known that the word originates from the goddess. The all-mother. She is the world and the world is her. Gods and all living things sprang from her loins, and all return to her womb. Her name is unchanged in all intelligent species and all venerate her in some fashion.

The world of Idura is a shining globe, large and wild. It circles its sun in an elliptical orbit. A year is half a journey around the central star. Three major continents and may islands dot it’s globe. It is a world of legends past and legends being made.

Caloris sits upon the northern hemisphere, the largest of the continents. It is home to the Elven Empire, the Dwarven Kingdom and the newly risen Human Kingdoms. To the north lie the tundra and the northern icecap. To the south lie the Versian Mountains. The east holds the Melacian Desert and the Velhorn Mountians. In the west sits the Alcanan Jungle. Between these all manners of geography can be found, notably the High Forest where the Wild Elves make their home.

South of Caloris, the continent of Hiron lies brooding and mysterious. Stories abound about what can be found in its depths. Few travel there and fewer return.

East, across the Alcan Sea is Brethal. Smaller than Caloris but still a large land, it claims the original home of the humans. Large plains and mountains comprise most of its surface. What is known about this land comes from the rare elven explorer and the history of the humans who fled the war that consumed the entire continent.

In Caloris, the Elven Empire holds most of the lands, under the premise of being the protectors of it. Dwarves hold the Melacian Desert and the Velhorn Mountains. Their deep mines lost to them from a menace from deeper still, they mine only the barest surface of the mountains and live along the Divenal River. To the south, the five human kingdoms sit, a kettle ready to boil over.

Legends of the past made Idura the world it is today. The legends of today may change it forever…

Legends of Idura

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